Cobb County

Cobb County Code

On February 26, 2013, after a 20 month campaign by the Backyard Chickens Alliance, the Board of Commissioners voted 3-2 to allow a Variance Application for Hens in Cobb County. You can download the Variance Application <HERE>. If you have any questions, you can reach John Pederson, Head of the Cobb County Zoning Department by calling 770.528.2035, or sending him an email to


Here is the text of the Code:
(4) Authorize upon appeal in specific cases related to the minimum lot size of
two acres required to maintain Poultry as Pets or Food Source.

Poultry meaning a female pullet or hen of the Gallus gallus domesticus; also
referred to as backyard chickens which are or may be raised for the purpose of
providing food or companionship as a pet considering the following minimum
(a) Written consent or opposition of adjacent property owners;
(b) The poultry shall be kept/maintained within a fenced area;
(c) Coops, or other buildings used for the poultry shall be located at
least ten feet off any property line and/or in compliance with the
accessory structure requirements in each zoning district;
(d) The owner of the poultry shall keep the property maintained in a
fashion that eliminates odors, pollution or other negative effects
resulting from the poultry;
(e) The poultry shall not cause a nuisance, as defined by State Law;
(f) There shall be a maximum ratio of one bird per 5,000 square foot
of lot area on any lot less than two acres;
(g) The slaughter of any hen on site is strictly prohibited;
(h) The fee for the Variance application shall not exceed $150.00;
(i) The duration of any Variance approved for Poultry as Pets or Food
Source shall not exceed 2 years; renewable for subsequent 2 year
terms thereafter;
(j) Any Variance approved for Poultry as Pets or Food Source shall be
considered by the Board of Commissioners in accordance with
Section 134-271.